The emerging teen is a joy to capture as she is not yet fully embracing her big kid status but also not little. She stands as tall as her mother and has passed an older sister in height and this delights her. 


Lifestyle Maternity

When my daughter was expecting last year, she wanted conservative maternity photos to capture the excitement. The nursery was a beautiful labor of love and the dogs were not yet aware how much their world was about to change so including those elements were important to her. 


Fall Leaves

This young lady occasionally requests an outing with me and my camera. She likes dressing up; quite often complete with lipstick and spending time out playing. She knows a session planned just for fun will be exactly that, fun. 


Lifestyle Rentschler Family

This is the heart of what I love to do. This special family allowed me to enter their home with my camera in the early hours of the morning to capture typical interactions; bedhead and mismatched pajamas too. 


Hall Kiddos

These little cuties were a delight to shoot. They warmed up to me quickly and didn’t shy away from the camera. Their momma stood back and let me play. I couldn’t be happier with the images. 



Technical theatre student and local Floyd Central graduate Makenna squeezed in a quick session just before graduation. Her theatre commitments prevented a quality shoot but as stunning as she is, the hour allowed was just enough. And that diploma? She is pretty pleased with her accomplishments.


Scarlett’s Family

This lady is unstoppable. She balances school, a full-time nursing career caring  and these three busy kiddos who are involved in multiple activities. Oh! And a new marriage but she is always smiling despite a serious case of sleep deprivation. 


Love Family

In every family, there is always one reluctant member in front of the camera but not in this case. This family was a delight to work with and even the dog was a professional!


Baby Shark

In life we aren’t supposed to play favorites but this little shark is my only grandchild and therefore, I break the rules. He has my heart and he knows it. Given he lives in Texas, my spoiling is limited but that doesn’t prevent me from trying. 



This local firefighter graduated early to pursue his dream of helping others. Getting to know him and his family was a delight last fall. Playing with the camera in a firehouse sweetened the deal. Those vintage trucks? So cool.