These young women were a delight to work with in between rain showers one busy weekend in June. The oldest, just home from boot camp is a brand new Marine and her sisters could not be more proud of her.

Anna Caroline

After blowing the dandelion seeds away, she informed me she hadn’t made a wish because she didn’t have her list of wishes with her and didn’t want to choose the wrong one. This delighted me as much as the girl who asked for her birthday session to take place in the creek so she could squish her toes in the mud while wearing her hair bow. 



Puddle Jumper

Her favorite song has been provided by Peppa Pig and she sings it often and loudly; “Jumping up and down in muddy puddles”. She arrived in the sweetest little rain jacket and I couldn’t resist. In what had to be the shortest session yet due to chilly temperatures, we captured a dozen favorite shots in under three minutes.



When his mom contacted me stating she wanted some photographs of her son before he left for basic training, she promised she would try not to cry. I couldn’t promise the same. But TJ walked out of the car carrying a gallon of sweet tea to match his sweet spirit and had me laughing clear through our session. This family was a blast and I am proud to now know this future soldier.


At twenty-four she is confident and hilarious; her quick wit second to none. I am a big fan. Isn’t she lovely?

Mitchell and Stevie

This beautiful couple wanted a session at the location of their first date a year ago. The weather was gorgeous and their energy was a lot of fun to capture.



Austin turns One!

This little boy brings joy to all who know him. He is the happiest and most easy going baby. His smash cake photo session was as much fun as it appears and when he decided he was finished with my camera in his face, his smart mommy started playing the Baby Shark song and suddenly it was a dance party. 


Big Brother

Only the best little guys get promoted to big brother and little Maverick gains his title in six short weeks. Meeting his sweet family just before the big day was a lot of fun. Despite the cooler temperatures, this little guy was as happy as could be.