Anderson Family

This session felt like reconnecting with old friends. The parents and I chatted effortlessly while the kids played and made the most of their time in front of the camera. Thank you Anderson’s for a gorgeous afternoon together. 

And while we were working together, Mom and Dad updated their business headshots. The kids cheering from the sidelines was adorable until one suggested it appeared Mom was actually pooping on the potty. Out of the mouths of babes…..

Chambers Family

This family invited me to their property in Marengo, Indiana for their session. The woods were full of leaves and laughter as they interacted. There was a moment when the girls were falling apart and the boys were distracted and the beautiful momma started laughing. I recognized it immediately as a coping mechanism I see in the strongest of women. When the world is going crazy around her, she laughs to keep from crying openly. In the end, they all rallied and the results were perfect. 


This stunning local student will be graduating in the spring and made the most of a gorgeous, albeit warm afternoon in October. Isn’t she stunning? 


Timberlake Family

This family was pure joy. I enjoyed meeting them and hearing the kids’ ideas for their shoot. The way they played and teased demonstrated their love for one another.  Families full of love make for the best sessions. It was a pleasure, Timberlake family.

One Year Dating Anniversary

Noah and Makenna wanted a quick session to capture the fun they are having together. Getting them to stop laughing long enough to pose was a challenge but also an excellent representation of their relationship. 

Gelineau Family

This gorgeous family was a delight to work with. From the sweet little girl to the slightly ornery little man, they expressed love and laughter for each other from the moment their session started. 


Ethan, High School Senior

He is a high achiever and has his sights set on the financial world beyond college. His strength in character and determination will carry him far. It was an honor to be invited to capture this milestone. Congratulations, Ethan! 

Austin Ryan, 16 months

This little man is BUSY! I made quick work of the three minutes he was willing to tolerate a camera in his face and the results are as adorable as the boy. 

Brooke and Jaden

This session tugged at my momma heartstrings in a big way. This young couple surprised their friends and family with the revelation they eloped a few months ago so she can join his overseas assignment with the Air Force in Germany in July. Whereas they are so very young, they are strong, determined and capable of literally conquering the world. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!


When a mom gives me free rein during her son’s session, there is a chance he could emerge with a tattoo.  In all seriousness, this kid was a true professional, making short work of his session and we had a great time too.