This is eleven. He prefers computers to nature and has a brain that does not stop. His mouth almost keeps up. Almost. But he is endearing and entertaining with his non-stop fact sharing. Happy birthday, Avry.

Anna Caroline turns Eight

“I am kind of excited about going to the dentist because I will finally get to go in somewhere.”

Shoutout to all the dentists. It only took a global pandemic for some of us to be “kind of” excited to see you. 

Kirchner Family

Meeting this sweet family was pure joy. Little Elijah, a.k.a the guy in charge, demanded to know how the camera worked and when he saw a photo of himself on the back, he declared, “aw!” He is pretty cute and he knows it. He had a lot of his own ideas and it was my pleasure to follow the little muse as he led the way.  Thank you, David and Katie for the delightful session and welcoming me into your back yard. 

Robinson Family

This beautiful family requested a last minute session before everyone needed haircuts again. Facing a pandemic while enjoying quality family time together, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to document their family. It made for a delightful evening of chatting and enjoying some social time that wasn’t behind a screen, just a lens. 

Front Porch Project

I am grateful for the friends who participated in the front porch project. The socially distant conversation and opportunity to help capture moments of togetherness were life-giving for me. Whereas each family has made sacrifices, each has also acknowledged how much the time spent together has meant to them as well. Slowing down isn’t all bad. Represented here are medical providers, people who have been laid off, teachers, administrators, pastors, students, parents, a foreign exchange student who felt it was safer here than returning home to Italy, canceled birthday parties, babies not welcomed by the masses that love them, essential employees, firefighters and lots of furry four-legged family members too. We truly are all in this together. 


I usually have to work with kids for a few moments before their personalities shine. This was not the case on Sunday when I met Michael who stole my heart within seconds. He told me he had an idea and these were his first three images of the session. I could have followed him with a camera all day.